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Reminiscent of the fabled Mughal gardens in North India the Brindavan Gardens are situated beside the Krishnaraja Sagar reservoir across the Cauvery River, 18km north-west of Mysuru at a height slightly below the dam that stretches across the river.

Often described as one of the finest example of illuminated terrace gardens in the country, the garden was brainchild of Sir Visveshwaraiah and Sir Mirza Ismail, both, former Devans of Mysore. Geometrically aligned, crisscrossing illuminated pathways and shimmering fountains viewed from the pavilion on the south bank is a breath taking sight. A visit to the gardens is an essential part of a travel itinerary to Mysore and not to be missed.

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The four states that constitute South India are composed of distinctive geographic regions - narrow plains that fringe peninsular South India beside the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal with two mountain ranges running alongside and the rocky hardtop of the Deccan and fertile central plains.

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